The Netlab Testbed

We maintain a scaled version of a Data Center (DC) testbed for networking and systems research. Our lab currenly consists of servers and a fully programmable network topology.

Inventory list

As of August 2022, we have the following kit available in our testbed:

  • 20+ i7 Dell servers (capable of hosting around 10 mid-size VMs) and other high-performance hosting platforms
  • i7-based Intel NUC machines
  • Nvidia RTX 2080Ti GPUs for deep learning
  • NetFPGA 1G cards and hosting platforms
  • NetFPGA 10G cards and hosting platforms
  • Xilinx Alveo U280 (+NetFPGA) 100G card and host platform,
  • Intel 82599ES double-NIC 10G cards
  • Intel X710 quad-port 10G network interfaces
  • Intel XL710 40G NICs
  • Netronome 40/100G SmartNICs
  • Cisco Network Access Control (NAC) 3310 appliance
  • Cabling for a fat-tree topology with 10G core and 1G aggregation
  • Cabling for a 1G canonical tree topology
  • Software-Defined Radio cards
  • 5-port TP-link switches with Open vSwitch installed
  • Pronto SDN switches
  • Stordis/APS Networks P4-programmable Tofino switches

We have MAAS operating in our testbed, allowing easy management of all machines.


If you require further information or you would like to use the testbed, please contact Dimitrios Pezaros.