05/07/18 - Edge-centric Efficient Regression Analytics

IEEE EDGE 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA

11/12/17 - Quality-aware Aggregation & Predictive Analytics at the Edge

IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2017, Boston, USA

13/10/17 - Container Network Functions: Bringing NFV to the Network Edge

SDN NFV World Congress, The Hague, Netherlands

04/09/17 - P4 deep dive and examples

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Energy Sciences Network, Berkeley, CA

22/05/17 - Distributed, Multi-Level Network Anomaly Detection for Datacentre Networks

IEEE ICC 2017 Next Generation Networks and Internet Symposium, Paris, France

26/09/16 - Network Function Virtualization in GTS

Internet2 Technology Exchange, Miami, US

08/07/16 - Roaming vNFs at the Network Edge using Glasgow Network Functions

Multi-Service Networks workshop, Cosener's House, Abingdon, UK

20/11/15 - GNFC: Towards Network Function Cloudification

IEEE NFV-SDN, San Francisco, CA, US

21/10/15 - Container-based NFV: Opportunities and Challenges

GTS Tech+Futures Workshop, NORDUNet, Copenhagen, Denmark

21/10/15 - Programmable Data Plane - the next step in SDN?

GTS Tech+Futures Workshop, NORDUNet, Copenhagen, Denmark

01/04/15 - SDN-based Virtual Machine Management for Research Testbeds

Internet2 Focused Technical Workshop - OpenFlow testbeds, Miami, Florida, US

14/08/14 - The Raspberry Pi Cloud

Invited talk, Morgan Stanley, Glasgow, UK