Press release from Solarflare

Posted on November 22nd, 2016 by Prof Dimitrios Pezaros


Solarflare Communications, one of our research partners, announces the hiring of a new VP (Marketing and Strategic Development) and shares vision for next generation server networking solutions.

About Solarflare

Solarflare is the leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware platforms that accelerate, monitor and secure network data, and is the pioneer in high-performance, low-latency 10/40GbE server networking solutions. With more than 1,400 global customers, the company's products are widely used in scale-out server environments such as electronic trading, high performance computing, cloud, virtualization and big data.

Solarflare's software and hardware are available from leading distributors and value-added resellers, as well as from Dell, HP and IBM. Solarflare is headquartered in Irvine, California, and operates R&D facilities in Cambridge, UK and New Delhi, India.

Solarflare is poised to dramatically innovate the way networking hardware and software can uniquely meet the dynamic demands of scale-out datacenters by adding value at the threshold to the server: the network interface. Whether data is moving in and out of the datacenter or between servers, it inevitably crosses this threshold no less than twice. This affords Solarflare the occasion to add value to the data—reducing latency, adding visibility, and securing it, among other benefits—all while affording valuable analytics to datacenter managers. It’s this ability to customize the role of the network adapter as part of a broader data management strategy that has helped fuel Solarflare's success to date.