Organising IEEE CCNC 2018

Posted on July 10th, 2017 by Prof Dimitrios Pezaros


Call for Papers

Track 2 –Cloud Services and Networking


Track Chairs:

Angelos K. Marnerides, Lancaster University, UK

Dimitrios P. Pezaros, University of Glasgow, UK


Scope and Motivation:

The advent of Cloud computing as a cost-effective and reliable service delivery platform has resulted in a paradigm shift in how compute and storage resources are provisioned and managed at scale. At the same time, the physical locations of service facilities, and the virtualization of hardware and software elements are stressing the communication networks both within and across data centers, especially when these are interconnected over the Internet and through wide-area networks. Although the "computing" aspects of elastic resource provisioning over the Cloud have been largely investigated, less attention has been devoted to the "networking" aspects of Cloud computing, including Cloud network management, Cloud fabric protocols, Cloud traffic engineering, network-aware resource consolidation and related issues, and novel technologies paving the way to the emergence of new advanced Cloud services. The "Cloud Services and Networks Track" aims to address these aspects.


Main Topics of Interest:

Topic of interest for the Cloud Services and Networks Track include (but are not limited to):

  • Data Center Network Management
  • Optimization and Virtual Embedding
  • Distributed and Wide-Area Data Center Architectures, and Reliability
  • Cloud Overlay Network Protocols
  • Cloud Network Operating Systems
  • Software-Defined Networking and Protocols
  • Cloud Traffic Characterization and Measurements
  • Intra-Cloud and Inter-Cloud Management
  • Cloud Traffic Engineering and Control-Plane Architectures
  • Mobile Cloud Networking
  • Cloud Radio Access Networks technologies
  • Storage Area Networks, Optical Interconnect, and Fiber Channel
  • Cloud Content and Service Distribution
  • Information Centric Networking for the Cloud
  • Security, Privacy, Confidentiality in Cloud Networking
  • Green Cloud Networking
  • Network Functions Virtualization
  • Internet Routing of Cloud Traffic
  • Cloud Data Center Switching Fabrics
  • Virtual Machine Mobility Algorithms and Protocols
  • Unified User and Machine Mobility Management, Application Offloading
  • Wireless and Mobile Networking


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