New SICSA Networking and Systems theme

Posted on November 2nd, 2016 by Prof Dimitrios Pezaros

Dimitrios Pezaros has been appointed leader of the newly launched SICSA Netwokring and Systems theme for an iniital term of two years.

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Complex networked and processing infrastructures underpin all major advances in Information and Communication Technologies, from mobile application platforms to Big Data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). Resource virtualisation, the blurring of the machine-network boundary, and the need to provide for always-on, resilient services make the provisioning of such infrastructures increasingly challenging.

Within the SICSA Networking and Systems Theme, we have a wealth of combined expertise in experimental networked and parallel systems research, including resource virtualisation, allocation, and management; wireless systems; manycore and parallel architectures, and compiler design; communications protocols implementation; human-centred networked platforms; system security and resilience.

We aim at sustaining a vibrant research community in Scotland, engaging in inter and cross disciplinary experimental research across all computer and communications systems aspects that will play a crucial role in in the shaping of future, pervasive ICT.